Godhood is a fantasy/adventure webcomic project between my brother and I. Most of it is conceptual as of this stage of its development, but a lot of thought has gone into it to ensure it will be as unique a reading experience as possible when it’s done. It pulls a lot of ideas from many of our past works to create a wide, and varied world of our own.

Godhood Logo

It hinges on the quest of a former demigod, Othal, to prevent his insane brother Ezhek from destroying all of creation. Othal, previously the demigod of Order, had to sacrifice his godhood when his Chaotic brother escaped from the land of the Gods, and vanished into the mortal realm. Now he roams the mortal realm in the guise of a nigh-invincible (but incompetent) young man, in a bid to find his brother and undo the Chaos that he has wrought upon the world. Along the way he meets a group of fellow humans, and begins to learn the fundamental limitations of being a mortal man.

Also hilarity ensues.

We are also currently working on the first (but possibly only) animated episode, which will be an 8-minute animated version of the first chapter.

Watch this space for further updates.



Early backgrounds



Age: 18000 years
Height: 6’0″
Weapons: Multicoloured “ohm” talismans
Skills: Godlike magic attacks
Physical: 5/10
Magic: 5/10

Othal is a formerly-godlike being who has born witness to the creation of countless universes (including this one), many of which have been long forgotten and lost in the mists of time. He knows the meaning of existence. He is on friendly terms with the greatest and most powerful of the Gods. He is fully aware of the inner workings of the cosmos, and he is the progeny of the God of Destruction (Sugil) and the Goddess of Creation (Ayin), to whom he is eternally loyal.

However, still acquainting himself with the limitations of mortality, he is quite clumsy, and a tad mentally infirm. As such, he is not the most reliable person in a team environment, but he is without question one of the most powerful beings this side of the Fornax Void.

He wears a belt adorned with four small, differently-colored Ω-shaped emblems known only as “ohms”, easy-to-carry artifacts which contain immeasurable Godlike powers. He is able to siphon short bursts of energy from each of them (providing he knows how to do so) and cast devastating attacks. Othal is the only one who can physically cope with channeling the immense power of these items without going mad. However, extended use of these attacks still causes him severe pain and often temporarily destabilises reality, creating bizarre circumstances as a result (such as causing penguins to fall out of nearby dimensional wormholes).


Age: 17 years
Height: 5’8″
Weapons: Multi-purpose knife
Skills: Magical proficiency
Physical: 4/10
Magic: 7/10

Aliss is the most adept junior combat trainer at the Terran encampment – at 17 years of age she is a remarkable example of human talent in all things combat-related, charged with overseeing the training of the inexperienced squires of the settlement… that is, the ones who are essentially untrainable by the rest of the training staff. The worst example of this is Sigmund, a fire paladin trainee whom she tutors but does not get along with in the slightest.

She possesses a knife which she can enchant in order to transform it into a multitude of different weapons (longsword, grappling hook, javelin, crossbow, even boomerang) when she requires to get personal. The rest of the time, she is able to unleash a vast array of magic-based spells and attacks and is truly the most reliable member of the group in any given battle situation.

Othal finds her intriguing, a bit intimidating, and (most importantly) jaw-droppingly attractive, and is not reluctant to voice these feelings to her, but his lack of a grasp on common courtesy and polite conversation does not win her over. Othal also resorts to using his powers to protect her but falters on an almost constant basis. She is fiercely independent, taking almost every effort by the others to assist her during combat as an insult to her prowess.


Age: 19 years
Height: 6’4″
Weapons: Fire sword
Skills: Brute strength
Physical: 6/10
Magic: 3/10

Sigmund is a serial arsehole, there’s no two ways about it. He’s boisterous, uptight, confrontational and above all, egocentric. He places himself above everyone else and will only make an effort to defend himself if it’s absolutely necessary – his main strategy in this instance is to let his enemy come to him so he can wave his fire-imbued longsword around carelessly in the vain hope that it might hit something. Though being a bit of a pyromaniac, this is really the only tactic he has.

Aliss, his trainer, does not take kindly to his brash attitude, nor his displays of affection towards her. His chronic lack of human compassion also extends to teasing Othal’s comparatively gallant and chivalrous approaches towards Aliss, and exploiting Othal’s weakness in human interaction for all of its worth.

However, being rather dim-witted, Sigmund is prone to being the butt-end of the group’s insults, and more often than not falls foul of the mind tricks they are able to pull on him. He also often receives comeuppance for his obnoxious nature, in the form of terrible (but deserved) violent pratfalls, humiliation at how stupid he is, and misfortune when his incredibly bad judgement backfires on him.

Incidentally, he owns a pet squirrel called Ash, who wears a tiny armoured helmet. The two are inseparable.


Age: 47 years
Height: 6’3″
Weapons: None
Skills: Healing magic
Physical: 7/10
Magic: 2/10

Iorik is a lost soul, a former monk, wandering the rolling valleys of Terra searching for his place in society. As a youth, he was inducted into a circle of magic-practising priests, who repeatedly attempted to unlock the secret to immortality through increasingly bloody means. Eventually their cause became so corrupt that he fled from their clutches, but had nowhere to go afterwards, so he took up drinking, and made a small living healing the sick in the hamlets he travelled between.

His continued alcoholism changed his whole outlook on life – now in an almost perpetual state of tipsiness, he wishes to eradicate all dark magic from the face of the world, a quest he believes will finally redeem him and alleviate his guilt. He is eager to provide his drunken wisdom to any who desire it, but his beliefs vary erratically, depending on exactly how much he has had. Most of the time he is quite reserved and sane; but when truly sober he becomes pitifully lazy and weary; and when completely inebriated he becomes overt, obnoxious and outspoken with very questionable morals. Overall, though, he serves as an excellent guide on human nature to Othal.

In combat, he is usually the guy who is merely there to clean things up afterwards (with his healing powers), but his physical strength is still formidable – he might be slow and not that magically-inclined, but he is ridiculously resilient to pain and has a good deal of martial arts prowess as well. If not for his drinking problem, he’d be above Aliss in terms of reliability in a team environment, although he is usually the one to simply guide the group and ultimately lead them to their goals.


Age: 16 years
Height: 5’3″
Weapons: Many, plus magic ring
Skills: Super stealth, nimbleness
Physical: 8/10
Magic: 1/10

Topaz is a free spirit – an assassin who loves to practice her shadow arts. Armed with a multitude of deadly weapons, such as smoke bombs, throwing knives and shurikens, her specialty is stealth, and her favourite pasttime is blinding her targets with the brightly-coloured magic jewel she wears as a ring on her left hand, then crawling up behind them and playfully whispering “Hi” in their ear, immediately before plunging a knife into their spinal cord. While she is focused and deadly in battle, she’s a law unto herself, nearly always picking her own targets and acting separately to the group.

Her lightweight physique also allows her to be incredibly quick and stay undetected for considerable lengths of time; surprising, taking into account how carefree and full of energy she is on a near-constant basis. Most of the time she acts like a sugar addict, bouncing off the walls hyperactively and unable to stop talking. She always like to get a laugh one way or another, and is quite the prankster – although she has a wicked streak a mile long, and her “pranks” usually end in grievous injuries to the others (particularly Sigmund) which she finds endlessly entertaining. Being in a team with “a weirdo, a jerk, a squirrel with a helmet and a drunk old man” is also amusing to her, and as such she always tries to keep up the team spirit in her own psychotic little ways.

She finds Othal’s oddballish behaviour and social difficulties extremely amusing. She consistently jokes that she is the little sister to Aliss and tries to help her from going crazy. (She doesn’t consider being kind-of-crazy herself to be that much of an issue.) As for the others, she respects but doesn’t quite comprehend Iorik (nonetheless they are good drinking buddies); she respects Sigmund’s strength and tenacity, but otherwise pretty much sees him for the idiot he really is; and is constantly trying to kill Ash for her own amusement when Sigmund isn’t looking.

Topaz is incidentally our favourite character.

One comment on “Godhood

  1. Sigmund really is the best looking one overall in terms of quality, I mean he’s the only one with actual joints.
    Though the humor seems nice in this, which is definitely a positive thing. :P

    Good luck on this nonetheless.

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